Roller Dames are a limited collection of roller girl pin-up artwork from Bombshell Comics cartoonist, Mike Jasorka. 

Mike has been showcasing Roller Dames since 2008 with his first tri-state tour in New Jersey, Pennsylvania & New York to showcase in the best galleries for his artwork: Roller Rinks, Roller Derby Bouts and Disco Skate events!... 

Today, Mike is still carrying his tradition on the west coast (California) and hopes to not only promote and sell his fine art collection of roller girls, but he hopes to bring families back to the traditional recreation of roller skating.

Want more on Mike?.... 

In 2009, Mike began creating the comic
strip, "As The Wheels Turn" 
for Rinksider Magazine. 

A story of a young entrepreneurial daughter and her soon-to-retire father on a quest to successfully build their roller rink business, "Roller-Ville" in New Jersey.